Writer Launches Film Company in Response to Jason Blum

Blumhouse Productions is a powerhouse studio that has made horror more popular and more profitable than ever before. So when Founder Jason Blum responded to a question of why the studio has yet to release a horror film directed by a woman with *there are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror,* you can imagine the uproar it caused within the horror film community.

That same evening, Blum told Variety Magazine on the red carpet of his L.A. premiere of HALLOWEEN: *I totally misspoke. I made a mistake about it. Our audience is 55% women, the executives at the company we have are 50% women. I am passionate about hiring women, and I totally made a mistake in the way I represented that. We already work with a lot of women.*

He also formally apologized and acknowledged *we have not done a good enough job working with female directors and it is not because they don’t exist.* He also called his comments *dumb* and *stupid* multiple times to quell the Twitter tornado.

Number one bestselling horror author and screenwriter, Mylo Carbia, was one of the first to respond to Jason Blum’s original comments on social media, offering to pay for his flight and hotel to attend the 2019 Women in Horror Film Festival as her special guest. *I fell outta my fucking chair!* she wrote on Twitter upon learning of his statement, and was quick to give him public accolades for his brutal honesty and sincere apology later that day.

Less than 24 hours after the incident, the writer — nicknamed by fans as “The Queen of Horror” — publicly announced she had created a new film production company called CARBIA FILMS, with the intention of providing women with more opportunities at every level within the horror movie industry.

*I honestly couldn’t sleep the night of Jason Blum’s comments. I mean, he is my dream executive producer — the man I really want to work with in bringing my horror novels to the big screen, and he just basically told the world through subtext that there are no decent female horror directors in Hollywood.*

Needless to say, Carbia took the words to heart. 

*Now I know my role is bigger than just being a writer. Now I understand that I must be the steward of my feature film projects as a producer, and possibly even as a director as well.*

Carbia said she would love to send Jason Blum one of her scripts and pitch him her latest *book to film* project, especially given her plan to forgo any movie royalties with the intent of making it up in book sales. *I know Jason and I would make fantastic horror films together, so in my new role as head of Carbia Films, I hope he will be open to the idea to meeting with me, as well as my female colleagues, in the very near future.*

For more information about Mylo Carbia and her work, please visit: http://www.MyloCarbia.com

Mylo Carbia Launches Carbia Films

Bestelling Novelist and Hollywood Screenwriter, Mylo Carbia, Launches New Film Company in Response to Jason Blum’s Controversial Comments.

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