Mylo Carbia Hits #1 New Release with VIOLETS ARE RED

New Revenge Thriller Novel Explores Darkest Side of Battle Between “Wife Versus Mistress”

VIOLETS ARE RED by Mylo Carbia Hits #1 New Release on Amazon, Sparking New Debate About the Complicated Relationship Between Wives and Mistresses Worldwide.

Hillary versus Monica. Jennifer versus Angelina. Melania versus Stormy. The names sound familiar, as well as the story of two women sharing the same man in different roles. As the world witnesses the ramifications of infidelity played out on the public stage, #1 bestselling author Mylo Carbia has taken this scenario to a twisted new level, sparking debate with her latest novel VIOLETS ARE RED, which was released by Vanderbilt Publishing earlier this week.

Set in New York City’s wealthy Upper East Side, VIOLETS ARE RED tells the story of an aging Manhattan housewife who captures her husband’s young mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement of their multi-million-dollar townhouse.

“Think ‘Real Housewives’ meets ‘Misery’ but with a fantastic twist ending you won’t see coming,” says Mark Miller from “We think it’s one of the very best novels of the year so far, but we can understand why women’s rights groups may have an issue with two ladies battling one another to win over the affection of a man.”

The book’s female author, Mylo Carbia, makes no apologies for writing a novel advertised as The Ultimate Catfight. In fact, she has met this controversy before.

As a Hollywood screenwriter turned novelist, Carbia’s debut novel THE RAPING OF AVA DESANTIS hit #1 bestseller and won the Silver Falchion Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fiction, despite having the main character seduce one of her perpetrators 15 years after a brutal sexual assault. At the time, feminists were outraged with the storyline and launched an online campaign to boycott the novel, but with recent news of Harvey Weinstein’s systematic abuse and the resulting #MeeToo Movement, Carbia’s first novel is currently in development into a movie and targeted for release in theaters late next year.

“VIOLETS ARE RED is a cautionary tale of how being the mistress or wife of a cheating man can literally destroy you,” said Carbia recently. “I hope VIOLETS ARE RED does for infidelity what WAR OF THE ROSES did for divorce––show the most extreme consequences so that people may disengage in a civil fashion if need be.”

Carbia has been open about her past struggle with a surprise divorce, and resulting thoughts of self-destruction. “It was the worst time of my life,” she told reporter Tony Sokol two years ago, amid rumors of her then husband leaving her for a six-month pregnant, younger woman. “Not only was it an emotional crisis, it was a financial crisis, a legal crisis, and an ‘immediate need to relocate’ crisis all within several days. Writing was the only way I could cope with the pain, and this novel is my gift to women dealing with betrayal trauma everywhere.”

Luckily, Carbia has completely bounced back, with another bestselling novel and plans to marry her new husband––retired Navy war veteran, Kurt Lund––this September. “I have a whole new perspective on love and marriage after writing this novel,” she explained. “True love means loving yourself enough to let go when someone wants something else, and not let it damage you. I am blessed to have another shot at happily ever after. This time, with the real man of my dreams.”

VIOLETS ARE RED is available everywhere books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and 30,000 bookstores worldwide.

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