Examiner Interviews Film Writer/Director Mylo Carbia

“Meet Producer/ Screenwriter Mylo Carbia Along the Red Carpet”- Academy Awards

By Sandy Zimmerman

Celebrities told their stories as they walked the Academy Awards red carpet. Their involvement onstage, television and films added an interesting depiction of the many facets of the entertainment industry.

This columnist interviewed Producer/ screenwriterMylo Carbia of Zohar Films.

Mylo Carbia Academy Awards MAR 2014

Screenwriter Mylo Carbia on The Red Carpet

Mylo discussed her films, “I’m based in New York City and here on business. Since Variety is a worthy cause, I wanted to support them.

I wrote two independent films, a revenge thriller called “Black Acre,” Another, a horror film, makes my directorial début, called “Violets are Red.”

I produce my own projects working with aspiring writers and helping them move ahead.

There are a lot of wonderful opportunities for new writers, especially on television, which I am getting involved in for the first time. My true love is feature films that is why I am here tonight, the Academy Awards are such a big night for me.

My films are dark with a lot of violence. I’m not like that in life. I’m a fun person.

As a screenwriter, I feel I am the modern-day storyteller of our tribe. Although I tend to work in the horror genre, all of my films that I write have moral lessons that apply to all cultures, all people; I love that; If I don’t have a project that someone walks away from the theater, saying, ‘Wow, I changed for the better.’ “Then I would not go for that.”

Can a person be changed by a horror film?

Mylo explained, “People can be changed by a horror film; and learning about human nature. What is the value and what to be grateful for even in a horror film; there are so many ways you can kill a person and my job is to make it as creative and fun to watch.

Mylo Carbia’s Films include the psychological thriller “Black Acre” (2014), television series comedy “Dear Luna” (2014), Horror “Violets Are Red” (2014), sci-fi thriller “Z. O. O.” (2014), historical horror “Yoruba” (in development) and more.


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