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Scorpio Mylo Carbia Astrology

Several Parts Scorpio, And Somewhat Sagittarius Too…

Super Scorpio Mylo Carbia Astrology Analysis

Born and raised in New Jersey, screenwriter and author Mylo Carbia is known as ‘The Queen of Horror‘. She spent her childhood growing up in a haunted house, is goddaughter of the late Raul Julia (a.k.a. Gomez of The Addams Family) and is very in-tune with spirits and the spiritual… So, what’s her Star Sign Style?

☆ Sun In Scorpio ☆ Moon In Scorpio ☆ Venus In Sagittarius☆ Scorpio Rising ☆

It’s no wonder Mylo is drawn to dark clothes and smokey eye make-up, she’s a triple Scorpio! That’s a lot of deep, mysterious energy, with her Sun and Moon in the sign of the Scorpion, and Scorpio rising.

Moon on the ascendant might make Mylo incredibly emotional – wearing her feelings on the surface and her heart on her sleeve. She also has her Sun in the first house so could feel always in the spotlight – her family connections to the limelight were probably felt strongly as a youngster, and her Leo Midheaven indicates a reputation that’s tied to acting and performance…

In addition to Scorpio there’s another constellation that features strongly in the chart, with a stellium of planets in exuberant, outgoing Sagittarius – Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are all in the sign of the Archer, sitting in the second house of security and finance. With the moon highlighted in the chart and the second house so full, emotional security will be paramount. There could be quite a pull between the need for privacy and Scorpio tendencies married with a tendency to break loose like the Sagittarius adventurer is want to do…

Mylo Carbia Birth Chart

Mylo Carbia birth chart

Born 16th November 1971 At 5.08am In Lakewood New Jersey

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